maybe rivers is in all of us (mostardently) wrote in lcbd_ooc,
maybe rivers is in all of us

Hey, guys. I'm sure this isn't, like, surprising or anything, but I'm resigning from lcbd. Summer's busy, I'll be even busier soon, then I won't even be in the country. So, it's just not fair to hold all these plots with people and stuff. Um, I don't want to just be like BAI, like it's easy for me to quit or w/e. This community means a lot to me! And I got a lot out of RPing here. I made a lot of good friends and I got closer to the ones I already had! Sooooo, yeah. I don't want to get all mushy, but lcbd will always hold some sentiment! I love you guys and good luck with everything ♥!

Oh, and for the sake of closure, Lily and Carter got together during Fiji, but we thought it would be funnier in the long run if we didn't tell anyone. But now that there is no long run...there you go!
Tags: resignation
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